WATCHDOG, is a Pacifica Radio talk show, hosted by Karen Dawn, dealing with animal protection issues. The first season  aired on KPFK, throughout Southern California and live on the web, from March 1 through June 14, 2004. 



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3/1/04 - ATKINS DIET Dr Neal Barnard, Mary Finelli, Michael Fumento,Dr John McDougal         ACTIVIST TACTICS 3/8/04    Teri Barnato  Pamelyn Ferdin,  Dan Noyes,  Wayne Pacelle,  Dr Jerry Vlasak GENESIS AWARDS 3/15 James Cromwell, Halsne, Wendi Malick, Alexandra Paul, Dan Piraro, Gloria Steinem, Gretchen Wyler. BIZARRO THEMES Cartoonist Dan Piraro on fur and dolphin slaughter  3/22/04  -- Lisa Fransetta, Ashley Lou Smith
VIVISECTION 3/29/04 Lawrence Carter-Long, Dr Ray Greek,  Kevin Jonas (SHAC USA) EASTER/THE POOR PIG 4/5/04 James Cromwell, Bruce Friedrich, Jeffrey  Masson, Bush speechwriter Matthew Scully, Kim Sturla COMPANION ANIMAL ISSUES 4/12 cruelty link/ adoption/declawing Elayne Boosler, Jennifer Conrad, Bob Ferber, Eric Sakach. ANIMALS IN ENTERTAINMENT 4/19/04 -- Jane Garrison, Flipper trainer: Ric O'Barry, Ringling's Tom Rider
HOLOCAUST 4/26 JM Coetzee, Matt Prescott, Charles Patterson HUMANE LABELING 5/3/04 Wholefood's CEO John Mackey, Lauren Ornelas, Paul Shapiro BUSH AND ANIMALS 5/10/04  Moby,   Peter Singer, HSUS's Wayne Pacelle HORSE ABUSE 5/17/04 Racing/rodeo/slaughter Holly Cheever DVM, Steve Hindi, Bill Maher clip, A. Rhodes, Pat Vinet
DOGS OF SUMMER 5/24/04 Maria Goodavage, Rick Roof, Stephanie Shaine, Becky Starr MILITARY ANIMALS 5/31/04 Jeff Bennet, William Rivas-Rivas, Naomi Rose  VETERINARIAN ASSOCIATION POLICIES  6/07/03  Holly Cheever DVM, Karen Davis PHD,  Peter Singer OPPRESSION: ANIMALS & WOMEN 6/14/04 Carol Adams, Catherine Mackinnon, Gloria Steinem