View photos and footage from the May 19 launch party at the Soho Grand Hotel, with special guests Heather Mills, Persia White, John Schneider, Hal Sparks, Rory Freedman, Captain Paul Watson, Dan Piraro, and Anthony Freda. And check out the Access Hollywood coverage of the Los Angeles book launch with Emily Deschanel, Jorja Fox, Daniela Sea and more.

NY Book Launch Video Montage

Extended videos of everyone featured are available individually below.

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Heather Mills McCartney
Dancing with The Stars

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John Schneider
Dukes of Hazzard, Secret Life of the American Teenager

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Hal Sparks
Queer as Folk

Persia White

Rory Freedman
Skinny Bitch author

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Capt Paul Watson
Sea Shepherd

Dan Piraro
Bizarro Cartoonist

Anthony Freda

After the Thanking the Monkey book party at the Soho Grand Hotel, actor John Schneider recorded these personal thoughts about what he had recently learned about animal cruelty and protection.