Below is some information about some of the artists featured in Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals. And there are loads more! There’s a wonderful painting, cartoon, or hot celeb photo on almost every page of Thanking the Monkey — some spoonfuls of sugar definitely help the medicine go down.

Anthony Freda
Anthony’s work appears regularly in publications such as The New Yorker, The Voice and Rolling Stone. Animal compassion has been a common theme in his established body of work — but he did some gorgeous paintings and drawings just for this book!

Anthony Freda Anthony Freda Anthony Freda

Dan Piraro — Bizarro
Dan’s brilliant award winning Bizarro cartoons are syndicated in more than 200 papers. Dan could not have been more helpful about getting a few dozen of them into this book!

Bizarro: Slow or Fast? A hot dog cart with a choice of hot dog or cyanide. Piraro Bizarro: Court Room, Lawyer to witness in stand: Did you or did you not know there were hunters in the area when you placed the realistically painted, cast iron baby seals on the ice? Behind the lawyer and witness is a man with his neck and arms in casts.d

Sue Coe Sue Coe
Acclaimed artist Sue Coe's socially driven art has been exhibited throughout the world, including at New York's Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). I am thrilled that she showed her support by letting me include some of her work in this book. Sue Coe’s portfolio

Linda Frost artwork 1 Linda Frost artwork 2Linda Frost
California based artist Linda Frost let us include some work from her brilliant "Tortured Souls" collection.

Dave Farely Menopaus is easy - after you stop laying eggs, they eat you. Dave Farley
What can I say about Dave Farley’s Dr. Fun cartoons? They are fun!