PLEASE FORwARd AMAZON receipt to Promotion @ Please Do Not send Your receipt as An Attachment.


You can save your receipt on your phone or print it out. You will be asked to display it at various yoga studios and restaurants, along with the gift certificates you will download, in order to redeem your gifts. (See below with regard to transferring a gift certificate to a friend.)

As soon as you purchase your new copy (the offer is not for used copies) of Thanking the Monkey on May 20, please forward (not as an attachment) your Amazon receipt to promotion @

(International people, please see note for you below.)

FIRST 400: The first 400 people (US only) whose May 20 receipts are received at promotion @ will be mailed (via US mail) the kick-starter gift of their preference, either

a) A gift certificate for a free Veggie Grill main course or

b) two gift certificates, one for a free Tofurky product (sausages, pockets etc) and one for a coupon for a free 8oz jar of vegan “Just Mayo.”

So please write either “VeggieGrill” OR “Tofurky/JustMayo” at the front of the subject line, before the “FW: Amazon…” -- NOT in the body of the email. Then write your name and address at the top of the body of the email. When either or both of those offers have run out we will make that clear on the main gifts page and remove this paragraph from the instructions for gift redemption.

(Note: This promotion is for Amazon only! Sorry, but other receipts will not earn gifts. And I am aware that Amazon is marking early a.m. May 20 purchases as May 19 -- no worries, they'll be honored.)

DOWNLOADING GIFT CERTIFICATES: By Friday, May 23, you will receive an email with a link to, and a password for, a page from which you can download gifts and vouchers. The email address from which you sent the Amazon receipt will be your user name for the page. Please note that I will share your email address with some of my partners, some of whom will email gifts directly and others who will need the email addresses to verify that people presenting gift certificates for discounts etc. are legitimately holding those certificates. My partners will not further share your email addresses with others.

Your gifts are transferable but not duplicable. You are welcome to transfer any gift certificate to one friend, with a copy of your receipt, who will provide both, plus your email address, in order to redeem the gift.

INTERNATIONAL PEOPLE: International participants will receive all of the gifts other than the Veggie Grill, Just Mayo and Tofurky kick-starters. See notes above about transferring those you cannot use. When forwarding your receipt please write your country at the beginning of the subject line before “FW:”

Unless otherwise noted on the promotion page, all gift certificates will expire at the end of 2014.

My partners have all verified, in writing, what they will be providing. We are not expecting a problem with any of the gifts. But by sending in your receipt you are acknowledging that unforeseen things can happen and that neither I, Karen Dawn, nor my publisher, nor any of the companies involved, can be held liable in any way, if, for any reason whatsoever, any of the gift promises cannot be fulfilled. Again, we expect no problems but must protect ourselves.

Thank you for participating in this campaign, and enjoy your gifts!

Yours and the animals,’

Karen Dawn