"...With wisdom and insight... A bridge between worlds for both the committed and the curious..."
- Gloria Steinem

"Treads that fine line between the provocative and the counterproductively undiplomatic assuredly."
- JM Coetzee, Nobel Prize-winning author of Disgrace

"I FULLY endorse this book!"
- Ed Begley Jnr
"...I applaud this book's publication"
- Bill Maher, host of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher

"... a graceful invitation... With reasoned arguments and ...witty and engaging prose..."
– Matthew Scully - presidential speechwriter and author of Dominion

"...Charming and thoughtful, witty yet engaged..."
- Jeffrey Masson - author,'When Elephants Weep'
"I love this book. Give it to somebody you know who doesn’t know."
- David Duchovny

"Karen Dawn’s work is powerful — compelling and well-argued, intellectually sound and passionate."
- Paul Haggis
  Crash writer/director

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Library Journal
“Sensitive and informative... humor throughout... A riveting text you'll be sure to want to read. Highly recommended..."

Publishers Weekly
- Starred review-

"...succeeds admirably... potential to become a big hit”

"A fun book about the animal-rights movement... easily digested...well illustrated. An excellent introduction."


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"I am sick of being ignorant! This book is education with a smile, information with a kiss from a dog who just drank out of a toilet, and should be required reading for all college students."
— Anthony Kiedis – Red Hot Chili Peppers